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        Colorado facilities remain closed?until further notice.

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        NCAR NCAR



        UCAR's suite of offerings extends the science done at NCAR and supports the broader Earth system science community.

        These programs range from ready-made activities?science teachers can?use in their classrooms to real-time delivery of critical weather data. They include programs that support early career scientists from underrepresented communities as well as online training for land managers in wildfire behavior and just about everything in between.


        Scientifically relevant, instructionally progressive education, training, and capacity development for the environmental sciences, including online self-guided instruction, tailored classroom experiences, and specialized hazard communication programs

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        UCAR COSMIC logo


        A constellation of mini-satellites that use existing GPS signals to make innovative observations of the atmosphere

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        王者荣耀女英雄本子 UCAR CPAESS logo


        An extensive portfolio of organization and management services, including professional development, comprehensive event planning and management, scientific program management, and more

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        GLOBE Program logo


        A worldwide school-based program that empowers students, teachers, scientists, and the public to pursue inquiry-based investigations of the Earth system

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        JCSDA logo


        The Joint Center for Satellite Data Assimilation is committed to improving and accelerating the quantitative use of research and operational satellite data in weather, ocean, climate, and environmental analysis and prediction systems.

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        UCAR SciEd logo


        Resources for students, teachers, and the public that connect NCAR science to diverse learners, creating pathways toward a scientifically literate society

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        UCAR Unidata logo


        Geoscience data services; tools for data access, analysis, and visualization; and support to extend the research and education capabilities of a worldwide community

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